November 2014 – Editorial

Welcome to the latest edition of Kingdom Revelator. In this issue we have included more testimonies and articles written by young people who have experienced the power of God’s love in their lives. We have found that when young people are touched in a special way by the Holy Spirit they want to share their experiences with others and we are very grateful to everyone who has sent in their stories. We also continue investigating how science can help in our search for the truth and in our series on the Sacraments we look at what the Catholic Church teaches about Marriage. Please do continue to send us your faith stories, articles, drawings or details of any Christian projects or charities that you are helping with that you think might be of interest to our young readers. We would also value your feedback and suggestions for improving the magazine, by e-mail to

In the Church, we are moving towards the end of this Liturgical Year. November is traditionally a month for remembering our loved ones who have died. At the beginning of November we celebrate All Saints Day when the Church honours all the Saints who have died and are with God in Heaven. On the following day the Church celebrates All Souls Day (also called Commemoration of the Faithful Departed) when all those who have died but who have not yet been purified and reached heaven are remembered. In many parishes there is an opportunity to write out the names of our deceased family and friends whom we want to remember and then Masses are said and prayers offered for these Holy Souls throughout the month. On 30th November the new Church year begins with the First Sunday of Advent as we look forward and start preparing for the coming of Christ at Christmas time.

We pray that you will be blessed by this magazine and ask that when you have finished reading it you pass it on to a friend. It’s a very easy way to spread the Gospel message. If you would like to order more free copies for your school or parish please use the new e-mail address that we have set up for our distribution manager. May God bless you in your reading,


Written by : the editorial team