Evidence for God


It is very unlikely the world came into being by chance. How can humans be made by chance? Our bodies are too complicated. Our internal organs work perfectly together and they each have a function that we rely on. If we look at the natural world around us, it’s so wonderful there had to be an artist to create all these things. How can flowers, birds and butterflies have been created randomly? Charles Darwin, himself said that all these things couldn’t happen by chance. So there had to be an intelligent designer.


God has given everyone freewill, so we can choose whether to do good or to do evil. We can choose to love God or to reject him. If we all worked together, mankind could do something about the poverty in this world, however, God won’t make us do it. Imagine what it would feel like if someone had control over you and you couldn’t do what you wanted to. God has given us freedom to choose what to do and He has also given us the Holy Spirit to guide us to make the right decisions. But, it is our choice if we want to listen to Him or not.


God reveals himself to some people personally and this usually has a big impact on their lives. For many people these personal encounters help them to understand what God is asking them to do with their lives. Mother Teresa decided to lead a religious life and to help the poor after a religious experience in 1946. Other people experience or witness miracles of healing that demonstrate God’s power and prove His existence.


God has also revealed himself when he has spoken to the Church and the world through the Blessed Virgin Mary. There have been a number of official Marian Apparitions when Our Lady appeared to people with a message or a warning from God. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims believe that God has spoken through Our Lady and visit Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe and other apparition sites each year seeking healing and a personal encounter with God.


God still wants to make his presence known in the world today. He can be seen through the created world that He made and also in new scientific discoveries and advances in medicine and health care. God is not opposed to science – he knows more about the working of sub-atomic particles and the structure of the universe than anyone, he is the one who is holding it all in perfect harmony. He is also still working through miracles and healings. To experience the presence of God more fully we need an open heart and an open mind and to pray for a deeper experience of God in our lives.

Written by Crisilda Jojo