There was once a woman whose life was really miserable, she had a child and they were living in utter poverty. Every day she cried out to God saying, “Jesus, please help me. Save me from this difficult situation.” God answered her prayers and said, “Look, I will take you to a room full of valuable treasure. I will give you five minutes to collect whatever you need to end your poverty. But don’t forget the most precious thing.” She agreed and as God had promised, He showed her the doorway into a room. So, laden with carrier bags, and carrying her child she went in and the door closed behind her. Then she heard the voice of God say, ‘You can collect whatever you want and when the time is over, you will hear a bell and the door will be opened and you must leave immediately.’ She agreed. The woman put the child in a safe place in the corner of the room and began to work. She was amazed to see all the wonderful treasure and started to put the best pieces into her bags. She collected as much as she could and suddenly the bell rang. Though she was tired, she managed to stagger through the door with all her valuables and immediately the door shut behind her. Suddenly she remembered her child, but it was too late. Then she recollected the words of Jesus, “Don’t forget the most precious thing.”


During their adolescence young boys and girls should experience the best years of their lives. They have many friends around them to chat and relax with. They share jokes and enjoy themselves with their school friends and they do many risky things. They waste their time with some rubbish things as well. There are so many opportunities for having fun and gradually they can forget the most precious thing in their lives. Teenagers crave for love. Love from their friends, from their family and from the opposite sex. Sometimes they may fall in love with someone who doesn’t respond to them and they get upset and disappointed. They may even feel that there is nobody in this world who they can share their problems with. Where can they find the solution?


Naturally youngsters are influenced by the world around them and the pleasures that it offers and they can easily get depressed and find no meaning in their lives. They don’t find any real happiness anywhere and feel empty inside. Like the woman in the story, we gather up all the things that the world tells us are important and enjoy all the worldly pleasures but they do not give us any real happiness because true lasting happiness only comes from within. When we hear the voice of God, He will satisfy our hunger for love, and remove the sadness. “For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? Or what will they give in return for their life?” (Matthew 16:26). These words changed the life of St Francis Xavier.

SEEDS OF FAITH Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said that as our stomach craves for food, so our soul should also thirst for God. The problems of our teenage years can be overcome when we become friends with the ever loving Jesus. The seeds of faith were handed on to us by our parents and if we can allow these seeds to grow, we will not become the slaves of any unnatural things of this world. At the same time we will be able to withstand temptation to sin and the bad influences of our peer group. God knows each one of us, our weaknesses, our strengths, our abilities and our talents and like the prodigal son, when we return to God, and recognise Him as the supreme, the most precious God, He will work in us and do miracles in our lives. “Stretch out your hand to Him like a little child to his father so that He may lead you on.” St. Francis de Sales.

Like a fire fly, although it is only tiny, overcomes and removes the darkness, Lord please illuminate the hearts and minds of young people today so that they can live their youthfulness with vigour and enthusiasm and always appreciate the most precious things in their lives. “Do as little children do, who with one hand cling to their father, and with the other gather blackberries along the hedges.” St. Francis de Sales.


Written by Sister Mini Puthumana