Inspired by the Holy Spirit

I recently attended a School of Evangelisation Retreat for young people and absolutely loved each and every second of it. I want to testify to something amazing that happened to me during the last two days and how the Holy Spirit performed an astonishing miracle. I have always loved painting but didn’t really do it much and was not too great at it either. During the retreat I felt an inspiration to paint. I ignored it for a while, but after a week I gave into it and got out my paintbrush. After the painting was done I was amazed at how it came out. It was much better than anything that I had done before. But I just left it at that.

Then, thanks to God, I had the chance to attend another retreat for two days. During the praise and worship I had a strong inspiration to paint again. This time I had a picture in my mind but it was nothing religious. I went home and started painting. I ended up with something completely different from what I set out to paint. From the start, amazingly, at each and every step of the painting, from the colours to the techniques, the Holy Spirit told me what to do. This is the picture that I ended up with.

I can say that I did not do this because I have no idea how to paint like this. Originally I was going to use either blue or brown for the background but the Holy Spirit told me to use red to represent the blood of Jesus. It says in Luke 1:37: “Through him all things are possible” and it came true for me. I seriously did not do this. Each and every inch of this painting is God’s work, not mine. I give all the glory to him!


Written by Jees Mathew