Sandra lost her way

One day Sandra went to town with her parents. When they reached the town centre, her parents told her, “Sandra, walk with us always, don’t wander off anywhere”. Sandra happily replied, “Ok dad, I will walk by your side and won’t wander off”.

So they went into the shopping centre. As soon as they entered, Sandra saw her favourite doll set advertised on a window poster. She stopped to read more about it and then went into the shop to take a look at the new doll set inside. She didn’t realise that her parents had continued walking while she was left all alone in the shop.

Soon she started to panic and looked around for her parents, but she couldn’t find them and in the meantime her parents were looking for her in every shop. Sandra asked the staff in the shop for help and they told her to wait there. She didn’t know what to do. Then she remembered her mom telling her, “If you are ever lost or worried, pray for help.” So Sandra started praying.

Before long, her parents found her sitting on a chair in the toy shop. Sandra saw her parents and ran towards them with tears in her eyes and said, “Dad! Mom! I am very sorry I didn’t do what you said. You told me to walk by your side; if I had stayed with you then I wouldn’t have been lost. I am sorry.” Her parents hugged her and told her to be careful from then on.

We are like Sandra when we walk away from Jesus and get distracted by the things of this world. However, when we realise our mistake and say sorry, He will come back to us and love us even more. “We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)


Written by Grace Jose