She is as sweet as a rose, as fresh as a beautiful flower, with a lovely fragrance. She is the queen of the earth, looking after all of us, wherever we go. She ‘s as bright as the sun, shining in glory, with radiant light. She’s the mother of our saviour, who accepted death, even death on the cross. She is the most gracious virgin, praying for all of us, whenever we need help. She is a caring mother, always with us, guiding our way. She is our protector, who scares the devil away, when we are his targets. She is the Immaculate Conception, with no stain of sin, in her thoughts words or deeds. She is blessed among women, most holy and compassionate, blessed is the fruit of her womb. She is beautiful and radiant, always there with unfailing help, ready to support us. She is the servant of the Lord, there to fulfil God’s word, the chosen one. Now she sits on the throne, in Heaven Above, interceding for her children on earth.

Written By : Crisilda Jojo, Age 12