You Are Invited…

Dear friend, You may not know me but I know you and I love you. You are very precious to me and I want the best for you. As you know, it will soon be my birthday again. Every year I watch all the people busily getting ready for the Christmas parties and celebrations, shopping for presents and for special food and drink, but I’m not sure that many of them understand what my birth really means for them.

There are many parties in houses across the world as they prepare for my birthday. I see children talking to men dressed in red coats with long white beards telling them all the things that they want to receive to celebrate my birthday. I am so disappointed, why don’t they come to me and ask me for good things? I could give them everything they need and far more than they could ever imagine!

Even when my big day comes, I am usually excluded, when I really want to be with them, sharing their lives. On Christmas day when families come together to eat their celebration meals rarely do they thank their heavenly Father who provides all the wonderful food. After a huge lunch they give each other gifts but there is usually nothing for me, no recognition that it is my birthday that they are celebrating. How would you feel if, at your birthday party, everyone else received gifts but you were ignored?

My friend, please remember to invite me to your celebrations this year. Two thousand years ago, I was born into this world so that I could give my life for you. I died on the cross, to save you. Please say that you believe it and invite me into your life today. There is something else that you should know. I am planning my own celebration for my friends, a wonderful party that will last for ever and will be better than you anything that you can ever imagine. I’m still making the final arrangements but I want you to be there with me. This is your invitation. Please let me know if you want to come as there is a special place reserved just for you. Please do say yes!

See you soon. I love you very much!

Your very special friend Jesus


I am so excited because very soon one of the most wonderful times of the year will be here. But Christmas is not just about the fun, the holidays and the Christmas dinner. It is the day when Christ was born to save us. We are all eager to unwrap those big shiny presents under the tree, but are we as keen to invite Jesus into our celebrations at Christmas. I think that this letter says everything that there is to say. So remember not to forget the ‘Christ’ in Christmas! by gitty george