March 2015 – Editorial

We wish all our readers a happy and holy Eastertime. At this time in the Church’s year we celebrate new life. The new life of Jesus, risen from the dead and the new life that we received in our Baptism. When we died with Christ, were freed from our sins and were reborn into a new life in the Spirit as children of God. That really is worth celebrating! We can call Almighty God our Father and know that He loves us and cares for us. There is no need to worry any more. Each day He wants us to look in the mirror and say to our reflection, “You are beautiful, you are God’s precious child.” Because it is true, you are very special to God!

In the magazine this month we look at what actually happened two thousand years ago when Christ rose from the dead and we include an article written by one of our readers who discovered that the power of the Cross is still effective and relevant to young people today. We also include two articles about prayer. One looks at the Rosary and the other asks if it is ok to pray for the result that you want at a football match.

The highlighted Saint this month is Nicholas Owen, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, a very practical man who used his building skills to save hundreds of priests during a time of great persecution in the sixteenth century. We have some inspiring testimonies, the Bible story and the popular puzzles page.

If you enjoy reading this magazine please pass it on to someone else when you have finished it. We can also send copies to your school or Parish, free of charge, so why not show it to your Head Teacher or Parish Priest and suggest that they contact us at for more copies. The Editorial team wish you the peace and joy of the Risen Christ.