July 2014 – Editorial

Welcome to the third issue of Kingdom Revelator. I hope and pray that it is helping you to develop in your faith and discipleship and that through it the Holy Spirit is revealing more of God’s Kingdom to you.

This month we look at how young people can live the Christian life, the difficulties that they face and how the Holy Spirit can help them. We continue our series about the Sacraments with a look at what happens when a baby is baptised. We have been greatly blessed by the wonderful articles, drawings and poetry that young people have sent in and are very grateful for all your contributions. Without your help producing this magazine would not be possible.

I was recently struck by some words of wisdom from Pope Francis. He was speaking about families and said that there are three important words that are essential to a happy family life. The first word is ‘please’. We say this so as not to be forceful and it shows consideration for other people, “May I please do this?” The second word is ‘thanks’. It is so easy to forget to thank our parents and brothers and sisters and to take them for granted. “Thank you for your love” are powerful words that bring joy and harmony to the family. The last word is ‘sorry’. We all make mistakes and it’s very easy to offend or hurt someone. Sometimes harsh words are spoken but the Pope says that we should never let the sun go down without being reconciled. Every day we may need to say “please forgive me” and then we can start to live in peace and harmony again. Remember those three little words – Please, thanks, and sorry.

If you have a testimony or faith story that might help other young Christians in their journey of faith then please e-mail your article or story to kfkmag@gmail.com. If you would like more copies of Kingdom Revelator to distribute in your school or parish please contact us at kfkmag@gmail.com and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. When you have finished reading this magazine please don’t put it into the recycling bin but pray about who you can pass it on to at your church or school. This will allow God to use you to pass on the Good News to someone else – it’s an easy way to evangelise.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch your heart and your mind and increase your faith as you read this magazine.


Written by June Palmer