A Mother’s Love

The perfect mother

How would you describe your mother? Maybe you would say she is affectionate, caring, nurturing, most loving, protective and comforting. These are just a few words that describe a mother. Our Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary is all of these things but she also considers every individual on this earth her own child and she nurtures and protects each of us with an equal share of love and care. She loves us just as much as she loved her son, Jesus, what an awesome thought! She wants to look after each one of us from the beginning of our human life until our death and even beyond, constantly praying for us.

She will help us

It was Jesus who gave his own mother to us and she will always be there us. When we have a problem and our earthly mother is not around to help us Mother Mary will be there to look out for us. When we call upon her she will come to our help. The prayers and petitions of Our Holy Mother are powerful, God cannot say no when she asks for help on our behalf. I am writing this because I believe her intercession brought me back to life when I was in a very dangerous situation, close to death and I had no-one else to turn to.

The power of the rosary

For those who think Mary is just the mother of Jesus, a distant figure in history and the Rosary is just a few beads that you wear around your neck I want to tell you that you are very mistaken. Many miracles have happened through praying the Rosary and through the intercession of Our Lady. She is the most powerful women and mother there has ever been or ever will be, believe it, live it and breathe it and you won’t be disappointed. God knows what is in our hearts and when he chose Mary to be the mother of his son he knew that she would be the best mother for Jesus. Imagine how much she must have loved Jesus and that is just the way that she loves each one of us.

Please be my mother

When you trust Our Lady as your own mother and invoke her help through praying the Rosary regularly then you will realise how powerful she really is. I say to her small things like, “Mother Mary, please sit with me I am alone” or “Mother Mary can you help me or even hug me”. This is all that it takes and then you will feel her presence with you. Blessed Mother Teresa has taught us a short prayer “Mother Mary, mother of Jesus please be a mother to me.” This is very powerful! Try it and see. I am certainly happy to have found my spiritual mother whom I see as my own. What about you?