June 2015 – Editorial

Welcome to Kingdom Revelator. This month the magazine will be distributed at a number of big conventions and conferences and so we are expecting many new readers. If you are one of them then we hope that you enjoy the articles and that your faith is strengthened and renewed through your reading.

The magazine is produced by the Sehion Ministries team in the UK, a charity that is dedicated to evangelisation and renewal in the Catholic Church. They have been running Schools of Evangelisation for young people for a number of years and last year Fr Soji Olikkal, the Director of Sehion Ministries, while praying before the Blessed Sacrament, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to start a magazine for teenagers. He called together a small team to start working on the project along with a group of young people who would write their testimonies and some of the articles. After a year the magazine is flourishing, with fifteen thousand copies being printed this month for distribution in the UK, Ireland and Australia and further copies printed for young people in the USA.

The success of the magazine is all due to the prayer support that is behind everything that we do. Without committed people praying regularly, none of this would be possible. Through prayer Our Lord has transformed the work of a few people with no experience in this field, for His glory. Prayer is vital in all that we do. Through prayer we can discern what God wants to do in our lives, we can cast off our worries and concerns and we can be certain that God is with us.

Today, we pray that the Holy Spirit will be with you as you read this magazine to open your heart and mind to God’s love and mercy in your life. When you have read it, why not pass it on to someone else, it’s a great way to evangelise!