February 2019 – Editorial

In the great field of the Church, the Word of God is dispensed to one and all. Of the many who hear the gospel, few receive it with the sort of zeal and passion that brings forth fruit. And yet these are the ones who receive the Word on good ground; they hear the Word, take it to heart and bring forth fruit, some thirty fold, some sixty, and some a hundred. All bring forth fruit of the same quality, though maybe not of the same quantity. God expects and requires fruit from everyone, Christian graces daily exercised and Christian duties duly performed.

In this issue, we explore how fasting and defying the life of vanity will draw us closer to the eternal love of God, and how a coronary workout for the soul is recommended to attain heavenly wisdom in order to fall in love with Christ.

Each one of us is a masterpiece created by the master Himself. Let us look to the Lord, so that by His grace our hearts may become good ground, and where the good seed of the Word may produce fruit that will bring praise and glory to God the Father.

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