Finding Freedom

If I hadn’t surrendered my life to Jesus, I wouldn’t be writing this testimony right now. As a child we did read the Bible at home, participate in Holy Mass and had daily family prayer. That was mainly it. For me, prayer was very routine; I never had a real connection with Jesus. As time went on, I felt like something was missing. When I was in school my friends would go with other people, leaving me alone. My parents loved me very much, but that didn’t satisfy my heart. I needed something that no one could give me. So, I tried being funny to make people like me, but that failed too. To make things worse, we moved from New South Wales to Brisbane and I had to make new friends, which I was not good at.

That year, my dad’s faith was strengthened, and he started praising out loud during prayer.The rest of my family were a bit hesitant at first, but eventually they started joining in. I only did it to make my dad happy. In that same year, I went to a retreat and I was greatly moved by God’s mercy, but I still didn’t surrender. So, I went back thinking that something was missing – and there was. The next year I went to another retreat, and again the same thing happened. My focus was to make new friends, but I did not realise that there is a Father in Heaven who wanted to be with me all the time. The next year, I went to another retreat. And, as you guessed, the same thing happened. I just felt that I could not change and that I would always be a nobody in this world. My parents advised me to pray at school, but I resisted, saying that I had no time to pray. In reality, I was just too afraid of what my friends would think. I thought that if I didn’t measure up to my friends’ standards, they would leave me.

My 12th birthday passed, and I was still looking for truth. 2020 came by and then it quickly became Passion Week without Holy Mass. While my parents were praying on Good Friday, I left them and went to my room. I started thinking about my life and started crying because of the way I had been behaving. I got angry quickly, was bitter with my brother and did not like sharing. In my heart I really wanted to change. I needed someone who could hear me from the inside and understand me. My parents could not do it, my friends could not do it and I myself couldn’t do it. But then I quickly remembered that there was someone who was spat at, kicked, nailed, pierced and crucified just for me. His name is Jesus, my Saviour. I remembered the verse from Jeremiah 1:5,“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations”.

I just could not believe that there was a Father who loved me for who I am and who never cared about my physical appearance or weaknesses. Even when I failed again and again, He did not hold anything against me. He loved me. He loved me because He made me, and He wanted me to be a witness for Him. He picked me up from the dust and carried me as if I was as precious as gold. Then I surrendered myself, and now I have become a true follower of Christ. I live for Him and no one will take my hand away from His hand. I told my friends about discovering my friendship with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit gave them the wisdom to understand about my discovery. Even when people stand against me, I know all I need is Jesus.

God chose me. I have a purpose in life, and so do you. Surrender and be free from your chains. He has a plan for you, as it says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Let Him have His way with you. Then you will have peace that no one can give you, only Him. Jesus takes me to places to bear witness to His word, and He will take you too. Let Him come into your heart. Turn to Jesus now, because there might not be a tomorrow. Jesus is waiting for you today.

By Lenah Yeldo

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