For many of us seeing is believing, it was so for the people of Lourdes when Our Lady first appeared to St Bernadette. It was a very ordinary day for St Bernadette when she and her companions went to collect wood for the fire. However, the most amazing thing happened while she waited for the others to return from across a stream, Our Lady appeared to her, dressed in white robes and a blue sash. St Bernadette described the vision as the most beautiful lady she had ever seen. She was amazed at the changes this beautiful lady brought to her life and her family. But the rest of the town’s people found it very hard to believe and thought that the young saint was making it all up. Little did they know that many more miracles would happen through the intercession of this beautiful lady.


On a holiday in India, when I was eight years old, I developed a bad infection on my right leg through a mosquito bite. I took lots of different medicines to try to cure it but the infection just got worse. Within a few weeks it had spread to my whole body and I ended up with blisters everywhere. After two years trying various treatments, the blisters on my body had cleared up but the initial area on my right leg still remained infected and it used to bleed constantly. But to be honest, I wasn’t too bothered about it because I thought no one would ever see it. It wasn’t something I even prayed about because I thought that there were far worse diseases so I shouldn’t complain.


Ten years later, I went to Lourdes with my family. My mum suggested that I should pray for healing for my leg. I had heard many stories of miracles occurring in Lourdes but I had not thought that it might happen to me. While we were in Lourdes, we attended the torchlight procession and I have to admit that I had never felt the presence of Our Lady so strongly before. As we processed, holding our candles and saying the Rosary, I felt like Mother Mary was with me through the whole procession. Just like St Bernadette was in awe after seeing her vision, I had the most heavenly experience that night. Getting into bed, I took a final look at the infection on my leg and prayed in the hope of never seeing it again.


The next day we visited the baths in Lourdes. Every moment I waited in the long queue to go into the baths, I prayed earnestly for a cure. Finally the moment came when I had my chance to bathe in the Lourdes water and as soon as I put my foot in the water something filled me. An extraordinary power, it was so strong and overwhelming that tears came to my eyes. Words cannot express what I felt at that moment. After being dipped in the water I walked out feeling an immense joy and love.


I wanted to check my leg but was scared that I would be disappointed if it wasn’t better. As I waited for my family to return, a woman, who I didn’t know, came over and started speaking to me. She asked about my experience in the Baths and I awkwardly replied, “Emotional is one way to put it.” She smiled and said to me, “Young Lady, you’ve been healed by Our Lady.” After saying this she disappeared into the crowd. My mind was blank and confused. It gave me faith to check for a healing and before my very own eyes I could see my skin all clear and glowing with not a speck of scab or blood. There wasn’t even a scar left behind. I told my family and friends and they were overjoyed. After ten years I was healed!


“My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour for he has looked with favour on the lowliness of his servant.” Luke 1: 46 – 47



When things go wrong in our lives, we try many different ways to fix them but we forget to ask for help from the Creator himself. We fail to have faith in our Heavenly Father but seem to have faith in everything else. Our problems might be big, our disease might seem incurable but our God is bigger and there is nothing impossible for him.

Loving Father, I pray for everyone reading this, that whatever trouble they may be going through, that their faith in You might be increased, Heavenly Father. Lord, I pray that you will touch their lives and bless them abundantly. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!


Written by Janet Jose