Proclaiming the Word of God

One day, a boy brought a magazine with some rude pictures to school. Soon, a group of boys had gathered round him to look at it. “What’s going on?” wondered Dominic, and he, too, went to look. Just one peek was enough for him. He grabbed the magazine and tore it to pieces. “Poor us!” he cried, “Did God give us eyes to look at such things as this? Aren’t you ashamed?” “Oh, we were just looking at these pictures for the fun of it,” said one boy. “Sure, for fun,” answered Dominic, “and at the same time preparing yourselves to go to hell!” “Oh, what’s so wrong about looking at these pictures anyway?” another boy demanded. Dominic had his answer ready. “If you don’t see anything wrong,” he said sadly, “this is even worse. It means that you’re used to looking at shameful things!”

To Evangelise We Need to Know the Difference Between Good and Evil.

Dominic was proclaiming the word of God to these boys. He was a pupil of Don Bosco and one day Father Bosco gave a homily on saints and afterwards Dominic went to him and said he would like to become a saint! Don Bosco suggested that he try to be holy by doing his school work well, by helping others and by being a true friend. Dominic’s loving care for his friends became his mission.

Dominic had the gift of evangelisation This is what our Lord did most of the time as it says in Luke 4:18: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor; he has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives, recovery of sight to the blind and to let the oppressed go free.”

To evangelize we need to know the difference between good and evil. Dominic knew the difference so that when the boy brought in the shameful pictures he could warn him about the damage that he was doing and saved the boy from committing a greater sin.

The Good News

The Bible is the most powerful tool we have to help us to proclaim the word of God. It gives us the word of life and is no ordinary book but the Good News. I like to think of the Bible as Jesus, helping me and instructing me. We should also respect the Bible. With it we can proclaim the Word of God by retelling the stories and parables and using Bible verses which we have memorised or written down on slips of paper to remind ourselves. It is also a source of great comfort and strength in difficult times.

Reading the Bible

If you are not used to reading the Bible then start with one of the Gospels, perhaps the Gospel of Mark which tells the story of Jesus, his life, death and resurrection. Sit down somewhere quietly and start by praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance then just start reading slowly. You may want to stop after a few verses and sit silently for a while allowing the words to speak to your heart or you may find that you want to read on and follow the story. Be guided by the Holy Spirit and try to read the Bible regularly. Find a good time that suits you, when you can be alone to pray and read. God will bless you abundantly through your reading and he will equip you to proclaim the Word of God.

‘Holy Spirit come and guide me as I read your Holy Word, I open my heart to you now. Speak to me and reveal yourself to me through these Scriptures and help me always to speak your words and to do your will. Amen.’


Written by Christo Nobi