Sam’s First Lent

Three years ago, Sam had his first Lent. He was a really good boy in school and at home. Even though his family was an ordinary family they weren’t religious. Sam didn’t know why he celebrated Easter and Christmas. In other words, he didn’t know who Christ was!

On Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day in school he had two pancakes. Like every other day he had fun and learnt lots of new stuff. On the way home, he talked on and on to his mum about his day. At last they reached home. He ate more pancakes and soon it was time for bed.

At midnight Sam suddenly woke up and he saw a woman dressed in blue and white in front of him. A shiver ran down his spine and he started to feel a bit frightened. Sam felt like screaming his head off but something stopped him. The mysterious women had seven stars glittering like gold around her head. In a flash the woman spoke, “My son Sam, I am Mary, your Mother. How are you dear?” Sam’s mouth dropped open wide. He replied,” Who are you and what do you want?” But Mary didn’t answer his questions, instead she started to talk about God and his love, Jesus, Easter, Christmas and Lent. Before Sam did not know anything about these things but now he’s an expert.

The next morning, Sam began his Lenten promise. He didn’t just give up chocolate; he also gave up TV, meat and sweets. Near the end of Lent God sent Sam lots of blessings. God also gave him the gift to go to Mass every Sunday.


Written by Amanda Manuel