The Desire To Be Loved

At the core of every human life, there lies a desire to be the core of every human loved. Think about it. Why do we bother about the number of likes we get on Instagram? Is it because we subconsciously feel more valued and loved when this number increases? Also, why do we smile from ear to ear when showered with messages on our birthday, but feel disheartened if our DMs are ‘dry’ on this day? Is it because we crave to be adored and appreciated by other people? When people take the time to wish us well, we feel loved and important. We continuously seek love in our lives; through people, objects, career, social media etc. This never-ending desire to be loved is never a bad or selfish human characteristic because love is crucial for our development. However, we must ask ourselves: can I ever be fully satisfied with the love I gain from the world? The answer is simply no.

Momentary Happiness
Although we may feel loved waking up to a flood of birthday wishes, after a few hours we begin longing for more. We start to wonder why certain people did not wish us happy birthday, why there were no parcels delivered at the doorstep or why no one called at precisely 12 am. This list could go on because we cannot feel complete with the love we gain from the world. The love we experience from worldly things is temporary – it gives us satisfaction for a brief moment, then leaves us emptier than before. Everything from the world which makes us feel loved has the ability to change within seconds. The love from your Instagram followers may reduce, your relationship may no longer exist, or your friends may change. However, the love of God is permanent, for He “is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). God’s love which formed you in the womb, cherished you as you grew and caused Him to die for your salvation, is the same love with which He looks upon you today. Many of us feel loved, but are we experiencing the unconditional love from God, or are we just distracted with the temporary love from the world?

Redeemed by His Divine Blood
God is the only one who can fully satisfy your longing for love – this is the truth. It is beautifully written in John’s gospel, “God so loved the world that he gave his only son” (John 3:16). The love of God for His people is personified through the sacrifice of His Son. God did not hold back anything as He gave His only Son to be mocked, tormented and crucified. God is so full of love for us that He allowed His Son to suffer and die for us, in order to win us back.

Silent and unseen God holds your hand through every stage of life, never letting go and never pausing His love for you. He knows your ambitions, worries and struggles. He knows everything about you because you are loved by Him. Do you know His love for you? He loves you more than you could imagine – to the point of shedding His Divine Blood for you. God Himself said He will give anything in exchange for you, “because you are precious in my sight, and honoured, and I love you” (Isaiah 43:4). It is only this Heavenly, selfless love which can satisfy us. We often feel unworthy of God’s love due to our sins. However, God does not agree with this human reasoning – He loves unconditionally. God does not look at what we have or have not done, but rather He loves us for who we are – His creation. We are loved infinitely by our Creator, who gave us beauty and dignity by forming us in His own image. “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine” (Isaiah 43:1). A meditation based on Mother Teresa’s teachings tells us, “You do not need to change to believe in His love, for it will be your belief in His love that will change you.”

Our desire to be loved creates a sense of void in us, which we often try to fill with temporary materials from the world. The love which we experience one day on our social media page does not last till the next dawn. When we cling to the world, all the attempts which we make to feel loved are often unsuccessful. So, is it not time to turn to Him who defined the word ‘love’ through His unthinkable sacrifice? We have all explored many different options in our search for love, but now let us select the option which will never fail us; let us open our hearts to God, right now, more than we have ever done before.

by Mariet Emmanuel, Glasgow,

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