May 2015 – Editorial

Welcome to the current issue of Kingdom Revelator, a magazine designed for teenagers and young people. In this issue we continue to look at different aspects of our faith and how they can help us in our everyday lives. Our faith is not just about going to Mass on Sunday and then living the rest of the week as if God is not interested in us. Our Sunday Mass should be the highlight of the week and from that we get the strength to live the rest of the week as true followers of Jesus. When we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist the blessings that we receive are not just for ourselves but they are to be shared with those around us. So in this issue we look at evangelisation and how to spread the Good News and help our friends to encounter the love of Christ.

One of our readers has written an article about the problems of sin and how it had a hold over him for many years. He looks at the effect that it had on him and those around him and how it is possible to break free from an addiction. To complement this there is an article about Penance and Reconciliation, a wonderful Sacrament that can bring amazing healing and peace to our lives. Continuing from the last issue we include a description of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how we can recognise the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. There is the story of how a trip to India to join his parents went disastrously wrong for one of our young readers but God provided two wonderful people who made sure that he got home safely. These personal testimonies are very encouraging and help to build up our faith. If you have a similar experience of how God has worked in your life that you would like to share with our readers please e-mail your story to us at

May the Holy Spirit enlighten your hearts and your minds as you read and bring you to a deeper faith and trust in Christ Jesus.