I attended a School of Evangelisation run by Sehion Ministries in 2013 and it changed my life. The Holy Spirit of God touched me deeply and I experienced the love of my Heavenly Father, Abba in an encounter that was beyond words, just beautiful! Suddenly from nowhere I had a desire to live my life for the Lord and to lead a sinless life, well at least to try to. A week after this experience my parents left to go to India to help with a mission in Arunachel Pradesh with the Sehion team. I was quite worried at the time because I’d be home alone for two weeks, and the chances of me falling into sin were significantly higher than when my parents were around. So I was quite scared thinking about how I was going to cope with two weeks on my own!


The Lord says in Psalm 55:22 “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you”, and “cast all your anxieties on Him, for He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7) I was very anxious so I gave all my worry to Jesus in prayer. As a result I felt that Jesus, Himself, came to me and He sent His Mother to comfort me. The Holy Spirit inspired me to pray the Rosary as much as I could and I began to pray four Rosaries every day, as well as many other prayers such as the Way of The Cross. I also spent lots of time reading the Bible and memorising Scriptures. I had never been a man of prayer before this, so I couldn’t believe how much time I was spending in prayer! As prayer became a habit for me during these two weeks, sin became nothing to me. I could resist all temptations. Satan could not touch me because Jesus was holding on to me with His victorious right hand! I also realised the power of the Rosary and the protection of our Mother Mary for those who pray the Rosary. Since that time, I have kept the grace that was given to me to pray as many Rosaries as I could, thanks be to God!


After their two week mission, I was to fly to India, by myself, to join my parents. I took a flight to Mumbai and from there had to take another plane to Kochi. When I reached Mumbai, I was very excited to be going back to Kerala and rushed to the gate for my connecting flight. As I approached the gate, I discovered that all the flights to Kochi had been cancelled due to a flood on the runway. I just stood there in shock not knowing what to do. I was completely clueless thinking to myself, okay, I’ll stand here looking miserable and maybe the airport staff will feel sorry for me and arrange a flight somehow just for me!


Suddenly, a stranger appeared to my right and asked me what was wrong. He spoke like an old friend who knew me well. I had been panicking but he was so cool and relaxed. He was very kind and treated me like his own son. He went with me to another desk at the airport to see if there were other options to get me home. He told me not to worry about a thing because he would sort everything out for me. I was amazed. As I walked beside him I was wondering what exactly was going on; some random guy had appeared out of nowhere offering me a five-star service!


After a few hours of waiting in Mumbai, he somehow got us both on to a flight to Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu. I praised and thanked the Lord during the flight for His extraordinary help from heaven. We arrived in Coimbatore, and to my astonishment, the man told me that he had arranged for his son in law to drive me all the way to my parents in Kerala in his car. I stood in awe thanking God that a second stranger was willing to drive eleven hours there and back from Coimbatore to Kochi just for me! Eventually, I arrived home safe and sound, thanks be to God!


My mom told me that she had been worried about me travelling on my own and had remembered how the Archangel Raphael had accompanied Tobias on his journey to foreign lands in the Book of Tobit, so she prayed to God to send the Archangel Raphael to help me on my journey to Kerala. Later, while I was praying in thanksgiving to the Lord, He revealed to me that He had answered my mom’s prayer and had sent St. Raphael to assist me. I personally believe that it was my Guardian Angel and St. Raphael working together who got me home! After this incident, St. Raphael the Archangel has become my top boy!

Melwin Tomy